Studies conducted by the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in South Africa have revealed that the plant contains a high concentration of amino acids. Futhermore, certain of these amino acids were shown to act upon fibroblasts, thereby stimulating collagen production. In addition, recent in vitro studies on skin cell cultures have demonstrated a 52% proliferation in fibroblasts than without any treatment and significantly higher than Aloe Vera.

  • Proteins which promote skin regeneration, have moisturising properties and form building blocks for the skin.
  • Lipids which balance the pH of the skin are highly rejuvenating, maintain the skins health, tone and condition the skin.
  • Enzymes which are essential to the well-being of the human skin.
  • Mineral Salts which help to regulate skin functions, act as humectants attracting moisture from the atmosphere including; calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium and iron.
  • Polysaccharides which retain moisture in the skin and act as a carrier of active ingredients deep into the skin.
  • Anti-oxidants are the skins “weapons” of defense the plant life version of sun screen, repair damage caused by sun light, environmental pollution, smoking and stimulate age reversal.