Alofé Professional Skin Care products 

A natural-range skin care products designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards! That’s what Alofé skin care can offer you and your customers! With competitive prices and low minimum purchase orders for beauty salons,we supply a complete product range for all skin types.Alofé is only sold through consultation with a trained Alofé representativel, to establish personal contact and a true relationship with the client.

Why Alofé ?

Alofé is a skin care brand developed and manufactured in-house and contains mostly natural ingredients. We are committed to delivering Skincare products of the highest quality and equal efficacy in order to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and ethical concerns. Alofé brings you a range of products that harnesses the Aloe ferox’s powerful properties in an effective and convenient form.

Alofé products can be used with assurance as they are:

  • not habit forming
  • alcohol free
  • non-poisonous
  • manufactured from fresh Aloe ferox leaves harvested in the wild
  • harvested in an ecologically sound manner.

The percentage of aloe ferox in the skincare range approaches 100% of the ingredients present in fresh aloe leaf gel.

Our Professional Product Range:

No 1 – Cleansing Cream (300ml), Cleansing Foam (300ml), Cleansing Gel (300ml)

No.2 – Toner (300ml)

No.3 – 10% enzyme exfoliator (300ml), Refining facial Scrub (200ml)

No 4 – Facial Massage Medium (500ml), Bitter Gel (150ml)

No 5 – Gel Mask (300ml), Cream Mask (200ml), Oatmeal Mask (200ml)

No 6 – Day/Night Lotion (145), Anti-ageing Aloe Serum (150ml), After Wax Gel (300ml)

Alofé offers:

  • The opportunity to increase sales and revenue in your salon.
  • Product training for salon owners and skin care therapist
  • Presentation material for an affordable yet exclusive atmosphere in your salon.
  • Low minimum purchase orders! To start off each product can even be ordered seperately to give you the chance to gradually become one with this beautiful brand

If you are interested in our quality range please click here  to fill out our form and we will personally contact you for an appointment and forward you the necessary information .