African Cape Aloe Gel

Key Benefits

  • Calms and soothes the skin, aiding in accelerating the healing process
  • Known to assist in treating the following skin conditions: Sunburn and other burns, Radiation burns, Insect bites and Wounds, Psoriasis and Itching, Bed sores and Piles, Abscesses and other dermatological skin conditions
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Product Description

Natures gift in its purest form.  A breathtaking range of minerals and antioxidants packed into the serum from the most hydrating plant the world has to offer.

The African Cape Aloe Gel is a perfected all-purpose skin care preparation containing the natural gel found in the fresh African Cape Aloe plant. Alofé Aloe Gel helps restore the pH balance of the skin, whilst calming and soothing skin irritations. Users testify to the soothing and healing effect on sunburn, all other burns, insect bites and other dermatological skin conditions the Aloe Gel provides.